our expertise

Interior Design

Gerard Land.Aquatic will assist you at any level of assistance you desire, whether it be from an absolute total design or to work with your already prepared design. We can design anything from hardscape design to complete building structural design.

Exterior Design

Gerard Land.Aquatic has its own personal Landscape architect as well as its own Structural Architect. We have over 24 years of experience designing and building pools, waterfalls, pergolas, summer kitchens, major renovations and complete new buildings both commercial and residential.

Commercial Designs

Gerard Land.Aquatic can start with design and finish with the completed project whether it is a driveway, pool, water feature, major renovation or complete new building, to serve as the turnkey provider for your project. Gerard Land.Aquatic brings a personal touch to the entire project to help you reach your vision.


Major home renovations are our specialty, if it's out of the ordinary we can do it. We are an out of the box company that can bring your dreams home to life.

New Construction

Gerard Land Aquatic new construction attention to detail begins with design and continues throughout the process until the furniture is selected and installed. We can help you all the way from idea to complete the project.

Check Out Our Work

From the beginning of the project to the end Gerard Land.Aquatic can start with your dreams and ideas and turn them into reality. Design work often begins with concept plans or from ideas and collections of photographs you’ve collected.